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Over its 25 years of experience, ArteficeGroup has never stopped
evolving its VISION of brand communication, thanks to its ability to
anticipate innovation and its WILL to be constantly on top of upcoming
sector trends and contemporary scenarios in a broader sense.

Over decades of active presence in the market, ArteficeGroup has
deepened its knowledge of branding, analysis and strategy, integrating
new professionals who contribute today to all the activities the company
is involved with.
This attitude to broadening the professional horizon generates
knowledge which is the foundation of the BRAND identity creation
process, and of the creation of the consistent values needed for brand
positioning in the market.

It’s an approach that places ArteficeGroup well beyond the already
extraordinary and recognised execution capabilities of its units, marking
it as an entity capable of purposeful strategic thinking.
The goals for the upcoming years is to enhance this pool of strategic
knowledge that has so far silently underpinned the quality of all the
projects ArteficeGroup has successfully brought to fruition.


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