Since 2008, BIC display racks are among the projects which best represent the capability of Espoworkr Retail and Exhibit Factory, the production unit within ArteficeGroup, to combine different skills and make the exhibit a fundamental part of the brand language and experience.

In this case history, we can find all the fundamental values which make this unit something unique on the Italian market: creativity with strategic contents able to transform a display exhibit into a piece of communication, integrated into the voice of the brand and reaffirming its consistency, great skills in different materials, flexibility, reliability and ability to produce in high numbers.

BIC comes to Espoworkr in 2008 with a tender among several agencies for the exhibition rack which, every year, BIC produces for its world-renown pens, among which Cristal and 4 Color, iconic products of a mythical brand among ballpoint pens. Esporworkr wins the tender, starting a collaboration which will last for years.

The display rack in the tender was, and still is, an exhibit element for the point of sale, enriching it for the whole year. It’s a unique display which can be placed on the floor or on the counter.

The function of this project goes well beyond a product display: it supports the communication theme and is also used to introduce the new products BIC launches, year after year.

To have an idea of the importance BIC gives to this project, bear in mind that it’s produced in thousands of units, and each one can hold up to one thousand pens.

To this end, Espoworkr is committed to creating something new and original every year, juggling various combinations of materials.

Working for the BIC brand over many years, we managed to improve the display system, moving away from the canonical approach of using plastic trays, and experimenting with more unique and original supports, breaking away from a rigid scheme and freeing the creative potential of the project. Inventing, year after year, a new form, suitable for the name of the exhibit.

Starting from BIC IDEA, the first of the series produced by Espoworkr in 2008. Indeed, each exhibit has a name which summarizes the communication tone. And which is embodies by its SHAPE.

Every time it’s a matter of capitalizing the Espoworkr skills in different materials, to combine them in a new and fresh look and feel. It’s a matter of improving the quality of the exhibit, of creating a piece of design that’s functional to the brand communication, furnishing the points of sale on an ongoing basis, of prototyping it, and then producing it in several thousand units.

Espoworkr manages the project from briefing to creativity, from prototype to final production and delivery to the company logistics, in an end-to-end process. Two full months before the beginning of the 5,000 units production, prototypes are produced enough in advance for the presentation at the Big Buyer convention show, in Bologna.

Beside confirming its flexibility, its skills in communication and in production with the most different materials, with this project Espoworkr displays an exceptional production capability for big numbers, especially given the resulting quality and cost containment.

This combination of exhibition design creativity and production efficiency has guaranteed over the years that Espoworkr has been able to work with BIC on other projects, like the displays for the Smoking rolling papers, and for another legendary product, the BIC lighters.

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