Carpano had already entrusted ArteficeGroup with the visual identity system restyling of all its famous and celebrated Vermouths line.

It was now time to create one for a completely new entry: a bitter. A hard product to launch in a market already dominated by very strong players, and saturated by unnumbered niche brands, ranging from an almost esoteric sophistication to actual low-cost sub-brands. And most of all, a product which had to merge into the Carpano range with belonging, as a scion belongs to a Family.

The first step in this project was for ArteficeGroup to run a market analysis of potential competitors, and to come up with a brand essence and a narrative for the Carpano brand, to highlight the lowest common denominator tying together all products in the range, Punt & Mes included, and the forthcoming Bitter, scheduled for exclusive distribution by HORECA.

Historicity, originality, “Piemontesità” and a vocation for uncompromising quality, turned out to be the key elements for the brand personality, shared among all products. The ideal tone of voice for the brand was identified in that of sustainable visibility, which wouldn’t damage the heritage of discretion and authoritativeness that Carpano had gained over the years, with its polite silence in the face of competitors rushing headlong into the melee of the mass market, and which had gained its brand a reputation for authenticity and quality.

And from this path of analysis and positioning, the new descriptor BOTANIC Bitter was born.

Botanic, because in the bitter, just like in the Carpano Vermouth range, it’s the herbs which make the difference. And also, because within the spirits segment, the relative trend of the natural ingredient of botanical origin attracts great interest.

The visual identity system synthesizes all these elements: historicity, for example, is embodied by the very bold – for an alcoholic beverage – chromatic choices. The peculiar and highly unconventional light blue for the label has been raised straight from the historical archives at Carpano, where old labels, in exactly that shade, were found. Overlaid through the transparent bottle on the Bitter’s own bright red, it creates a fascinating contrast.

The graphic floral patterns, embodying the “botanic” idea, are instead inspired by the baroque wooden columns of Palazzo Carpano; the use of different fonts links to a narrative intent, whereas the heraldic shield creates a frame for all elements against a luminous white background, and signs off the whole. The skilful mix of colours and graphics of this new identity interprets the centuries-old Carpano tradition through a post-modern baroque. The Botanic Bitter shows off, through this VIS, its absolute originality, like a young lord of an old family, which brings about an air of novelty, without betraying tradition.

Such a rich sign system has been explained at the product launch, accompanied by a brand manual, in Italian and English, to illustrate the correct directions for use.

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