Acqua Dynamo

Acqua Dynamo


sector third sector
market italy
unit Artefice People & Brand


Acqua Dynamo is a naturally pure mineral water which flows clean from micro-organism and chemical pollutants from a spring 1000 meters high.
The spring is in Careggine, near Lucca, in the heart of Apuan Alps.
This water has the highest alkaline pH level among all the italian mineral waters, this results into the power to balance a ph acidity which favours the the body’s
Acqua Dynamo is a spin-off of the Dynamo Foundation: a macro-project of entrepreneurship for good, whose products bet on excellence and trigger a “benefit” mechanism.
The aim is to build a Business for Good model able to generate profit to be fully intended for Dynamo Foundation, and, at the same time, generate a positive impact on a social, civic and environmental level.

Acqua Dynamo comes in a particular format, unique as well: 700 ml.
Artefice People& Brand contributed pro-bono with the conception and implementation of Acqua Dynamo visual identity system, realising a simple and elegant label able to convey all the mineral, organoleptic and social values of the brand.
The high quality of the water, the choice of the packaging, the environmental impact and social responsibility are part of a project orientated to Common Good of Dynamo Foundation, of which ArteficeGroup shares values and philosophy.

Visual Identity System