Acqua e Sapone - Visual Identity System

Acqua e Sapone


sector: personal / home care retail
market: Italy
business unit: Artefice People & Brand


Acqua e Sapone is the largest Italian retail chain for personal hygiene and household cleaners, founded in 1992.
After so many years, Acqua e Sapone needed to refresh and rationalize its visual identity and the presence of the logo on all its packagings.

The famous bubble-shaped logotype was the starting point to re-think the brand while keeping it consistent with what had settled in consumers’ minds through the many years and the many shops all over the country.
The restyling included the elimination of all the elements considered slightly childish, it was minimal but effective.

The creation of a brand manual for the use of the logotype on several different product categories was also needed.

The operation ended with the creation of the visual identity system format to be adapted to all the SKUs packagings, with the aim to create a common code and make the brand recognition easier.

Visual Identity System

  • Logo Restyling

  • Brand manual

  • Packaging Restyling