Alce Nero - Total Remake Packaging System

Alce Nero


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


Alce Nero’s requirement was to stand out in the Organic Food market, which by 2015 was getting larger and more undifferentiated.
To make its birthright apparent, by telling the story of the overall social project behind its offering: an ethicality going beyond the simple offering of organic food.
In this instance, the media was the packaging of all lines and all products.

On one hand, the legendary figure of the Alce Nero native American chief, which has inspired the company project since its birth. On the other, the ethical and sustainable, beside just organic, origin of each of the ingredients and cultivars used in the products.

These two elements combine in a unique form of communication: the invention of the storytelling label. Round like the tee-pee, where the oral culture of native Americans was passed on, the label embraces the logo and surrounds it with the tale of the ingredients which become the protagonists of each product’s story.

The Alce Nero’s visual identity project has been working since 2015: this is proof of its innovative force and its effectiveness.
Its versatility has allowed it to be declined into over 300 references in more than 20 product categories.

Total Remake Packaging System