Alce Nero - Pasta

Alce Nero


sector food
market Italy
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem

Organic and sustainability can be strategic factors for a brand identity.
There is an authentic green pioneer who keeps on its mission by developing all the most innovative elements of sustainability.

Continuing a long-lasting collaboration with ArteficeGroup, Alce Nero faithfully pursues its goals by enhancing the specific identity of the brand through pack innovation.

Alce Nero’s new dried pasta line adopts a 100% paper package, and, therefore, it is fully recyclable.
ArteficeGroup’s choice to not include the plastic window in the design fully encourages the brand’s green vocation.
As a result, the creative solution embodies it thanks to a hyper-realistic representation and a three-dimensional effect.

This design choice thus becomes a game-changer in the category, and the brand proudly claims it on all SKUs of the line, beside the claims plastic-free and 100% paper.

The visual identity is the declination of Alce Nero’s system designed by ArteficeGroup, or rather, the talking label which conveys the brand’s values over each product, starting from the authenticity of raw materials.


  • Visual Identity System