Amica Chips

Amica Chips


sector food
market italy
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


The packaging of Alfredo, the premium potato crisps, turns premium as well:
from a simple bag into a rigid basket, ready for serving aperitifs, drinks, snacks and appetizers.
This transformation, which matches a repositioning of the consumption style needed to be communicated through a claim as well.

The new packaging, where the dominant colour code is red, presents two versions of Alfredo’s crisps: the salty one and the one with pepper.
It highlights the important reduction in fats of the product and enhances its “gourmet” characteristic.

Moreover, the VIS conveys the new brand claim by Artefice People & Brand
DRITTE IN TAVOLA , a wordplay in italian, perfect to convey the new product function and to create an ironic connection with the legendary performances of Rocco Siffredi, historical testimonial od Amica Chips.
This particularly successful claim has signed all the communication touchpoints for the launch of the new packaging, including the TV commercial interpreted by Rocco.

But above all, in addition to declaring the service and making arise a decidedly adult irony, this claim declares something about the quality of Alfredo’s crisps. That is to say, they can be part of your launch or dinner thanks to the premiumness which makes them something more than a simple snack.


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