Amica Chips Alfredo - Visual Identity System

Amica Chips


sector food
market Italy
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


Transparency has always been one of the main characteristics of Amica Chips crisps bag.
Shifting the industrial line for the production of the bags from a continuum module to a cutting one, the company had the chance to review the visual identity system of the packaging in order to cover two critical points of a total transparent pack: the upper part of the bag, mostly empty, reveal grease traces, and the lower showed the crumbs of some inevitably broken crisps.

There was also the need of remaking the visual identity system of Alfredo crisps packaging as well, which turned its shape from a simple bag into a high service content basket ready to be put on the table.

The main issue was to keep in the new VIS all the well-known signs of the brand: the sealed logotype, the sunflower which highlights the quality of the oil, and of course the famous transparency while to creating two covered areas that limited the pack, taking advantage from the new production method and solving the imperfections of the previous version.
5 VIS packaging proposals were carried out, some of them conservatives, others simply evolutionary and others really disruptive.
Alongside with the client, we selected three of them which became the object of a test to validate the one that would have been produced. As a result, the winner was the most conservative that, in any case, modernized the packaging thanks to the use of the colours.


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