Amica Chips Mai dire Mais - Visual Identity System

Amica Chips – Mai dire Mais


sector food
market Italy
unit MAD-E Packaging Ecosystems


The little triangle snacks made with corn and pulses by Amica Chips result from the company desire to expand its product offer to the healthy-conscious target who prefers to avoid fried and salty products.
They are baked in the oven and come in two recipes: Corn with peas and black beans, and Corn with red lentils, are rich in fibre, iron and protein food, as well as being tasty and easy to enjoy.
These products have all what is needed for a range stretching in the wellness direction, which has been dominating consumption trends for a while.

However, the tone of voice of the visual identity system stays cheerful and colourful as the one of the mother-brand and this coherence starts with the playful and original wording of the name: MAI DIRE MAIS (NEVER SAY CORN) which plays with the international idiomatic phrase NEVER SAY NEVER.

With regards to the graphics, the choice was to focus precisely on the shape of the product through the use of a big, coloured, and deliberately irregular triangle.
Typography is modern and plays with equally irregular types of different sizes, which recall the handwriting, while the visualisation of the ingredients is photographic.


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