Amica Chips

Amica Chips


sector food
market Italia
unit Artefice People & Brand


The Amica Chips test pack happens immediately after the creative work which reinterpreted the pack design of the famous chips in the transparent bag.
Three selected proposals, one conservative, one evolutionary, and the last one disruptive, had to be tested to decide which of them should be recognised by consumers as the most coherent with the brand.

An online survey was organised in collaboration with Nextplora.
The consumer panel was selected among non-rejecters of the savoury snack category, in particular, buyers of potato chips, and they were identified with the family person in charge of making groceries.
600 people were interviewed, and, therefore, it was quantitative research.
The starting group was sub-divided into three homogenous groups of 200 people each, with the aim to have a sufficient number to do a statistic evaluation for each creative proposal, beside doing comparable evaluations.

An ad hoc questionnaire was drawn for the packaging test, with a session of questions that allowed to measure the KPIs on a scale of 1 to 5.
In this way, the overall satisfaction, the strong and the weak points, the distinctiveness, the consistency with the brand and the product category, and finally, the intention to purchase was assessed.

Afterwards the monadic test of the research, the process included the comparative evaluation of the pack which showed to the other groups.
The panel precisely focused on the evolutionary and conservative proposals, excluding the disruptive one.
As a final decision, reassured by the results of the research, the client preferred to proceed with the conservative proposal, which was the client preference from the beginning.