Amìo - My Gourmet



sector food
market Italy
unit Artefice People & Brand


Ilta Alimentare spa is a company passionately devoted to the creation of healthy, tasteful, and all-natural pulse-based products.
Amìo My Gourmet is one of its brilliant creations: its first ready-to-eat product, which comes in three original recipes based on organic and 100% vegetable ingredients. The product can be stored out of the fridge and can be enjoyed both at room temperature or heated. The products are all gluten-free, without food colourings and preservatives, and without glutamate as well.

The Pulses, Oat and Tomato Soup, the Mediterranean Lentils, and Curry Spiced Chickpeas with Cranberries are dynamic and contemporary yet traditional gourmet proposals.
These products can be comfortably carried in the bag and consumed wherever you want, freeing those who love natural food in general and pulses in particular, from cooking or going for something else.

These products have been created to meet the continuously growing trend that witnesses vegetable proteins as the protagonists of the daily diet of all those who want to combine the organoleptic pleasure and the healthiness of food.

For the launch of My Gourmet the media chosen was the OOH, in particular the Milan public transport, to maximise the impact of the launch, it was decided to focus all the effort in this unique media in a single city.
Bus shelters and underground platform are dressed by this billboard which reinterpret in a contemporary style the old-fashioned posters of the beginning of the last century, transforming advertising into a real urban decoration.
The product here is the absolute star of a campaign that celebrates pulses freedom as a conquest for the always busy population of big cities.

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