Animalia - Brand Building



sector pet services
market Italy
business unit Artefice People & Brand


The Cliniche Animalia project at the moment is about the first facility in Lissone but the ambition is to extend it to several other Northern Italian cities.
From the very beginning, it was a matter of building up the brand from its foundations. The only given things were the name and the concept: a place that could be used also for the hygiene and the well-being of the animals.

The analysis of the most common veterinary hospitals brought to the conclusion that very often they are “cold” environments, places where to go exclusively during problematic moments, thus was identified the need to create a soothing and bright space and joyful language.
The idea was to create a place which is not only connected to the unpleasant experience of a sick pet, a place where to enjoy pleasant moments like the well-being and hygiene of the pet as well.

Therefore, a place that had precise internal signs to identify the different paths, leading to the three different areas.
The target audience identified for this kind of veterinary clinic has a very strong emotional bond with their pet, considered as a family PERSON. They are looking for support that helps them understand how to be a good companion for their pet. Very often, this target is made of couples with children that feel the need for completing the family with a pet.

The study of the logotype is a graphical interpretation of both a roof, intended as a sign of protection and the capital letter “A” and it is made by the intersection of two tails.
From this idea of closeness and protection the claim NEXT TO YOU, AROUND YOUR PET was born as well.
Hence, it derived the whole visual identity system, the corporate identity of the stationery, the layout and the interior design of the place.

It was pivotal that the semantic system clearly marked the difference from a pet store.
Moreover, communication was taken in charge: the various and large street windows were transformed through window stickers into a permanent billboard.
This allowed using the same clinic as a medium.

The web site consistently completed the brand language.


  • logotype

  • stationery

  • interior design

  • OOH

  • Analysis

  • Positioning

  • web site