sector food
market italy
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


Aromatica is a niche company and has always produced spices and herbs of excellent quality, intended as ingredients for boosting gastronomic recipes.
Its Ready to Eat are cooked vegetables enriched with its own spices,
the are ready to use and preserved without oil: dried tomatoes, grilled peppers, and artichoke hearts, ideal for aperitifs, appetizers and snacks.
Moreover, they are in trend with the emerging consumption style, since they are low in fats and entirely vegetable.
Despite their modernity the Ready to Eat were presented in a not particularly attractive flow pack VIS, on a deeply traditional shelf, where glass, with its transparency, dominates the expressive codes of quality.

The job consisted of the restyling of the pack design: the new VIS aims to enhance the contemporary soul, the innovation, the quality and the appetite appeal of the product.
Beside giving dignity to the flow pack against the glass.
The work started with the restyling of the brand.
The white was chosen as background color both to highlight the material and enlighten the packaging to emphasize the product on shelf, it was also decided to illustrate the ingredients with an graphic style instead of a photographic one.
The final result is a visual identity system that conveys freshness and modernity, which finally communicates the premiumness of Aromatica Ready to Eat.

Visual Identity System