Atkinsons - Social Media Strategy



sector: cosmetic
market: Italy – International
business unit: Artefice People & Brand


Atkinsons’ IG profile, a simple perfumes showcase, needed to be turned into the main brand communication channel.

The first step was the qualitative analysis of the communication languages and the quantitative analysis of the competitors profiles’ performance.
The social comunication strategy identified Instagram, using both IG Stories and IG TV, as the most useful channed to raise brand awareness and to promote engagement in the cosmetic and lifestyle segments.

The communication goal is, indeed, to nurture a community of active users through photos, posts, and Q&A sessions during which they can ask their questions.

The engament activity has its protagonist in the famous Atkinson’s Bear, who guides users through their discovery of his world.
The content creation is organized in a digital editorial plan which summarizes the brand’s social profiles strategy and guidelines.

Each month, based on the previous month’s quantitative data, a theme is identified, which becomes the leifmotif of the visual and text content creation.

Integral part of the job is daily monitoring, monthly planning and executing the social media advertising to reach the KPIs established by the client, a monthly report on the sponsorship activities, and daily interaction with the community through replies to comments and direct messages.

Numbers are very interesting: a monthly visitors growth of 5%, an average of 10 million visitors/month, and 75% CPM.

Social media strategy

  • Digital editorial plan

  • Visual & Copy Contents

  • Digital Sponsorship

  • Monitoring

  • Community Management

  • PR Book