BONCÀ - Gruppo Loma



sector food
market Italy
unit Mad-e Packaging ecosystem

How to turn a mass-retail brand like Boncà into  “La Carne” par excellence?

By creating a brand identity able to express the qualitative difference of the brand onto the market, with a new authority, and the ambition and skill proper of a leader. That is the mission that Arteficegroup has turned into communication.

The pack lowers and grunts making you feel succulence. 
The high impact “marks” the packages.

With an ad hoc design pack. A vacuum pack that shows the quality of the product, even before tasting it.

The visual identity system tells a story and makes education as well. Boncà strives to be at the service of the consumer, accompanying them for the most aware choice. The identification of cuts and information hierarchy is built to provide a guide to purchasing and experiencing the product.

With over 80% less plastic than traditional packages, the SKIN, eco-sustainable, and 100% recyclable solution avoids glues and additives. The future lies in zero-impact goodness.

This recognisable range is a real brand able to head consumers through the chromatic differences in the refrigerated cabinet.
The combination of the referring animal’s shape and the colour code gives the brand an unmistakable, unique and distinctive identity able to make a difference.

Pack Design

  • Brand Design

  • Visual Identity System