Costa Club

Costa Club


sector leisure
market Italy / international
business unit Artefice People & Brand


Costa Club is Costa’s soul as it comprises the most loyal cruise passengers. In this case, the topic of the project regarded two critical points: the simplification of the information flow from Costa to the members of its club on one hand, and the revision of the Visual Identity System on the basis of the new positioning, on the other.

Costa Club members are reserved for a number of opportunities which were not adequately exploited.
This meant two things: the communication was not working well or the offers were not relevant.
Moreover, there was a need for rethinking Costa Club’s graphics, adapting it to the new Costa Crociere positioning, less formal, warmer, and closer to groups of friends and families: in few words more pop.

To address the main issue all the materials that were being used to communicate with members – the welcome signs in the common spaces of the ship, tailored invitation and list of events in the onboard cabin and the magazine at home, have been subjected to analysis.

Then all the information materials have been revised with the purpose to enhance them.
It was necessary to identify a specific place in the cabin deputed to collect them all and the magazine Buonviaggio, received at home by members, was redesigned and transformed from being a cruise catalogue into a real magazine.
A new format to the membership rules and privileges was designed.

The graphic work on the new positioning, instead, has involved the creation of a new visual identity system able to interpret its value of proximity, cosiness, and informality.
Similarly to most cases, Costa Club membership involves different levels. The logos which identify the levels have been turned from photographic into graphic, resulting in a more contemporary style.
The last part of the work included the realisation of a video for the promotion of the on-board show, for members only.

Visual identity system

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