Costa Crociere Amarillo - Retail Design and VIS of on board ice cream shops

Costa Crociere Amarillo


sector: leisure
market: Italy – International
business unit: Espoworkr Retail & Exhibit Factory


Amarillo’s ice cream shops are one of the outlet chains of the Costa Crociere fleet. All the stores needed to be restyled to recover attractiveness and appeal for the guests.
To reach the goal, a completely new Amarillo’s Identity System was conceived: instagrammable, cheerful and based on pastel colours. It has been then declined to all the elements of the shop, from the cups to the napkins. Moreover, it has been adapted by changing the colour palette to the architecture of each ship of the fleet and tailored to the custom-made pieces of furniture.

The project was optimised in every single detail, with the aim to give consumers the feeling of the perfect seaside ice cream shop while making spaces appealing.

For example, for Costa Smeralda’s Amarillo small privee through the niches along the perimeter of the space.

Instead, Amarillo Costa Fortuna is an ice cream shop overlooking the outdoor swimming pool, since it embraces its perimeter. 

Every ice cream shop has been realised through the adaptation to the available spaces on the diverse ships, by integrating pre-existing structure, like floors and ceilings. The result was retail design endowed with great communication content.

Retail Design

  • Logotype

  • Visual identity System

  • interior design