Costa Crociere My Moments - Photo Store My Moments

Costa Crociere My Moments


sector: leisure
market: Italy – International
business unit: Espoworkr Retail & Exhibit Factory


The photoshoots, taken on board during a cruise, need a place where to be seen, chosen and purchased. For this reason, Costa felt the need to create real photo-stores, immediately recognisable by the guest, and appealing despite the small dimensions they could have. The offer photographic was split into two proposals: a standard one, My Moments, which include the shots realised for everyone during the memorable moments of the cruise and a premium one, My Shades which is proposing a professional photographer, dedicated to the guest and the composition of a personalized photo-book. In their turn, these two proposals are divided into the digital one and the printing of the photos.

The first part of the project consisted of providing these spaces with a distinctive personality clearly communicating their function, the second making them emotionally welcoming so that guests, after having recognized their purpose could feel the wish to spend time in there.

To set up the project and functionally organise the spaces of the different photo-stores, it was necessary to study the guest access flows, keeping in mind that spaces dedicated to this activity varied from one ship to another.

The furnishings were indeed designed and tailor-made overcoming the technical limits that emerged from ship to ship. They were ergonomically designed to ensure the most comfortable experience possible, during the research and choice of the photographies, both with regards to their digital version and the analogue one.

Displays, communication corners, shop-windows were conceived to adapt to the theme of each ship because the store had to deal with the pre-existing structural elements like floors, wall coverings, and ceilings.

The warm, orange, welcoming ambiences dedicated to My Moments are sided by My Shade ones, communicating their exclusive proposal through elegant blue nuances.

The format flexibility allowed the photo-stores to be adapted also to very particular environments, like the ones that characterise the project of the new Costa Smeralda.

Total retail store design