Costa Crociere Pummid'oro - Total Retail Store Design

Costa Crociere Pummid’oro


sector: leisure
market: Italy – International
business unit: Espoworkr Retail & Exhibit Factory


The pizzerias of the Costa fleet ships needed their own personality and a language able to turn them into a small but tasty gastronomic moment, a special event within the big event of the cruise itself.
Hence, the need to provide these places, whatever ship of the fleet they belong to, with an evocative atmosphere of the emotion of going out for a pizza while on holiday.

Authenticity is always pivotal. And it is even higher onboard. Therefore, the goal, underpinning the whole project, was to let guests live the experience of enjoying an authentic pizza in a pizzeria verace and not just having a pizza served at any catering corner of the ship.

Craftsmanship and quality of raw ingredients are depicted with storytelling that follows the guests’ flow through space.

Every corner explains a part of this story, e.g. the fact that pizza is made with high-quality sourdough and fresh mozzarella because both are produced onboard.

The materials supporting the identity of Pummi d’Oro pizzeria decor the ambience up to the smallest detail.
The result is a genuine, rustic, cheerful, and bright place.
We adapted the format to all the ships of the fleet, including the new flagship, Costa Smeralda.

Total retail store design