Costa Crociere - Brand Guidelines

Costa Crociere


sector: leisure
market: Italy – international
unit Artefice People & Brand


As a result of a strategic brand repositioning, Costa Crociere needed to re-think its entire communication code summarizing it into an impressive brand manual.

The creation of the new Costa brand identity is born out of a small but powerful icon, the Costa Wave. It comes from an unusual point of view: the upward gaze of those who, aboard a ship, look at the dark strip on the funnel silhouetted against the sky above, seeing only a small curve, like a wave crest.

This visual insight creates the proprietary icon from which the whole new visual identity system stems. A small blue parenthesis, speaking of the ocean, its waves and the unique perspective on the world, seen from the sea. An element so strong, flexible and evocative to give rise to a wide range of combinations, to a whole language.
An element which also allows the Costa brand to sign, with its presence, all communication opportunities: from the decoration patterns inside the ships to merchandising, to the icon system of the onboard directions, up to the corporate stationery and online presence.

The Wave Costa signing all communication occasions through its presence: from decor patterns within the ships to the merchandising, from the entire Palacrociere building in Savona to the icon system for onboard orientation, up to the corporate stationery and digital presence.
Thus, everywhere, even where the use of the logotype would be redundant or impossible.
This basic element of the language, invented for the brand, brings along the brand identity and the emotion linked to the experience of a Costa cruise.

Visual Identity System

  • brand guidelines

  • trade marketing

  • merchandising

  • digital communication

  • Corporate Stationery

  • icon system for on board indication

  • interior design pattern