Bauli Croissant - Positioning Strategy

Croissant Bauli


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Artefice People & Brand


The need was to redefine the overall brand perception by integrating a wellness connotation (an essential value for food proposal on the contemporary market) that, up to that moment, wasn’t part of the brand identity.

The project involved Bauli products for everyday consumption, which are mostly croissants. Artefice People & Brand worked in a team with the international agency in charge of the Bauli ATL communication and actively contributed to realize two strategic workshops that engaged both client and agencies.

The first session of the work was the workshop on brand positioning. The aim was the acknowledgement of what the Bauli brand means to today consumers; this part was followed by a projection of possible future scenarios. The trends analysis of today’s consumption styles served as a guideline.

Part of the workshop was also devoted to evaluating the chance of an international brand positioning to increase brand and product awareness.

The second workshop focused on wellness. Moreover, were developed consistent and potential concepts in relation to Brand’s DNA.
The results of the workshops were analysed, summarised, and headed to the creation of the new Brand Essence, and the concept:

SWEET SIDE OF WELLNESS, which will be spread cross-media, from the ATL to the packaging.


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