Dr. Vranjes

Dr. Vranjes


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Diffusers, candles, lamparfum, sprays for wardrobes and linen. Everything you need to perfume ambiences up to carparfum designed for the car. For over 35 years Dr Vanjes has been producing exclusive and refined fragrances that have gained admirers all over the world.

Born in Florence, these olfactory atmospheres are intended to furnish residences and private homes, resorts, hotels, spas and clubs with their immaterial presence.
The audience of these perfumes is so in love with them that the company decided to use the same fragrances to create 5 personal perfumes with the same notes used for ambiences: Rosso Nobile, Ginger Lime, Ambra, Peonia Black Jasmin and Milano.
At the very beginning, the project was about creating a brand architecture based upon the hierarchies of the brand VIS, by distinguishing the two lines (personal and ambient) while keeping clear recognition and the common origin.
Hence, it was a question of finding points of contact of the identity, building the difference.

In this case, it was decided to enhance the V of Vranjes, which lives on the front pack for the ambience fragrances, by isolating it from the rest of the logo on the facing of the bottle; this was done by moving it up on the golden cap (gold is a critical sign of prestige for the referring markets) that closes the bottle, so as to boost its presence and turn this particular position into a signature of the personal line.
A particular mention should be reserved for the choice of the bottle of the 5 essences.
Since this decision really matters, it took an equally important period of time: the study of the concept, the executive realisation, the technical drafts, the 3D fibreglass samples, and the pilot moulds.
The company completed the selection process by testing 5 bottles.

The test was conducted simultaneously in the three referring geographical areas (North America, Asia, and Saudi Arabia) and declared the bottle that best identifies the values and the essence of the brand.
A bottle whose shape is inspired by Brunelleschi’s dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. In addition to remembering the bottles of ambience fragrances.
The stylisation that decorates the bottle is inspired by the Dome as well.
In addition to the Italian style (critical for the target as well), a sign of preciousness is conveyed by the heavy glass foot and the amber shade, iconic for the range of both Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum.

Each perfume was then declined on a line of ancillary products: 
scented shower mousse, scented body fluid, scented hair mist, scented body dew, to which, exclusively for the notes of Rosso Nobile and Milano, is also added the scented body powder.

The pack of ancillaries faithfully reflects elements of continuity with the bottle: the nuance of colour, which in this case echoes the one of the colour palette of each fragrance, the gold of the cap, which extends to the entire bottle and becomes modern, in a cold shade with a satin texture.
And, in the very end, the nuance, opposite to the one of the bottle, hence from bottom to top, here creates the same visual impression that the big foot generates in the precious glass perfume pack.

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