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Dyson AG Logistic


sector: consumer electronic
market: Italy
business unit: Artefice People & Brand


Dyson had to keep a close watch on all its retail installations, store by store, through Italy in a way to keep them always updated and in good order.
The project comprised the creation of both a database of all the points of sale and one of all the materials in the warehouse, with the aim to realise, replace, and maintain all the brand retail structures.

The intersection of these two archives, which correspond, on the one hand to the physical places, and on the other, to the equally physical display structures in the warehouse, gave life to AG LOG, a management software allowing the client and Espoworkr to physically handle the installations, to know which points of sales are in order, and which ones need replacement or update of the displays.

By doing so, all Dyson’s shop in shop, the display islands, and the corners are always aligned with the needs of the marketing plan. Artefice People & Brand alongside Dyson were the pioneers of a smart system of logistics management, that can be used by all those brands which have similar needs.

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