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Fattoria Scaldasole


sector food
market Italia
unit Artefice People & Brand


Fattoria Scaldasole needed a video for celebrating Christmas on social media.
It should be in a different tone of voice from the brand’s usual one and tell Christmas’ feelings in a tender and emotional way, likewise, some giants of UK mass retail do but with “light” budget.

The video should consist in a small moment of heartwarming entertainment through which Fattoria Scaldasole would wish Merry Christmas to its audience: a video-Christmas card that saw Scaldasole yoghurt as one of the protagonists of the tale as well.

Thus, the story of Marzipan Little Man who fell in love with the Marzipan Little Woman and conquered her soul with a spoonful of organic natural Scaldasole Yogurt was born.

It is a stop-motion production entirely set on the kitchen table where the little biscuits characters come to life, fall in love and, finally, turn into a Christmas decoration.