Fida Candies - Visual Identity System

Fida Candies


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


When Fida acquired all the famous and historical candies brands of Perugina (Rossana, Fondenti, Lemoncella, Gran Selezione, Glacia, and Spicchi) needed a new visual identity system able to express the brand personality of each product meanwhile setting each brand free from the signs of the previous ownership that strongly endorsed them.

The project developed in two phases: the first one happened while waiting for the new VIS and consisted in the gradual shift from Perugina logotype.
During the second phase, the Perugina logo shrank and, finally, left the stage, while some product names, some of them really famous like Rossana, turned into real independent brands, enabled to create their own communication. The final step was the substitution of the Perugina logo with the Fida’s one.

With the aim to complete the visual identity system for the entire range, all the images of the products on the bags were redefined with new shootings and post-production both on the bag and on individual wraps. The goal was to focus the attention on the appetite appeal.

Visual identity System

  • Packaging design