Findus Sofficini Pizza - Visual Identity System

Findus Sofficini Pizza


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem

Findus comes back to Pizza! The brilliant communication idea is to add this slightly dated SKU to the product range endorsed by Carletto. As a result, Pizza Findus rejuvenates and becomes in some way Sofficini’s sister. The greatest hit that has kept its look cool and young for years, due to Carletto’s presence.

The integration of Findus’ Pizza into Sofficini’s concept range, which provides its fans with a strongly personalised choice of sizes and flavours, transformed the old Pizza in two new and exciting versions: the crunchy and smaller one and a deep-dish and soft one. Consequently, it was necessary to think of an original name and pack design, considering a perspective wherein Pizza Findus becomes a new different product.

The small and crunchy pizza becomes La Piccoletta.

And the deep-dish and soft becomes La Sofficiosa.

Carletto’s presence, dynamically and actively posing on the pack, immediately positions the product in the young and fun-food market segment. The use of different names and colours clearly shows the different appetite appeal typology.

Visual Identity System

  • Naming

  • Packaging design