Fondazione Italia Sociale

Fondazione Italia Sociale


sector: third sector
market: Italy
business unit: Artefice People & Brand


Fondazione Italia Sociale was born in 2017 with the Third Sector Italian reform.
It serves as a benchmark for institutional to raise funds to be allocated to high impact non-profit projects.
It operates by raising funds from companies and citizens with the aim to support innovative targeted social interventions (through its management skills and the data mining entrusted to its own observatory).
Fondazione Italia Sociale promotes also a new idea of society and civic sense, expressed by the Italian term CIVISMO, through its own magazine BeCivic, whose purpose is divulgation and formation.

The language and the code of organisations like Fondazione Italia Sociale have nothing in common with the one of FMCG brands.
It’s all about communicating contents in an authoritative and institutional way. And this was the path followed to find the right visual identity system, which had then to be declined across the logo, the website and the LinkedIn profile.

BeCivic on the other hand, with its divulgative profile and mission, had to be more pop, less institutional and more tailored for mass-communication.

BeCivic website tells the non-profit world with a new language, simple and clear, to effectively spread the idea of civism through society.
Among the different activities, the Instagram page BeCivic has been created.
And thanks to the work of our social media manager, it is destined to become the direct touchpoint with an audience interested in social issues.

Visual identity system

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