G7 - Visual Identity System and Packaging Design



sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Made-E Packaging Ecosystem


G7 is an Italian family-run ice cream company that has gained an important role in the national market working with passion from the post-war period till today, mostly by producing for many brands of the mass retail.
Beside contract manufacturing, G7 has several own brands.

The product range is characterised by the great quality and the variety of flavours and formats.
Although it is an industrial ice cream company, its proposal keeps solid craftsman roots. Indeed, some phases of the G7 ice cream process are still handmade.

It is precisely through this craftsmanship that a spoon was identified as the symbol of the brand.

The spoon has a double meaning: a tool for the ice cream handmade processing, and cutlery to taste it.

The simple graphic next to G7 logo achieved an immediate effect in making the visual identity system more contemporary. The new VIS has been declined on the whole product range.

Brand Identity

  • Visual identity system

  • Packaging Restyling