Rana: k-visual and website for the Recipes from the World line

Giovanni Rana


sector food
market Italy
unit Artefice People & Brand


For the launch of the new range of tortellini Sfogliavelo, filled with ingredients of famous recipes of ethnic cuisine like Paella, Curry and Almond Chicken, Chili con Carne and Feta and Kalamata Olives, Artefice People & Brand in collaboration with Winning, gave life to a new exciting and “exotic” promo dedicated to a young and curious target audience, who loves travelling to explore faraway countries and different tastes.

MANDAMI A QUEL PAESE (GET ME LOST) is the title of the promotion endorsed by Giovanni Rana, who has always been testimonial of his own brand.
The promotion involves consumers in the brand storytelling by making them protagonists through the chance to win a trip in one of the countries of origin of the recipes: Spain, India, Mexico and Greece.

The testimonial’s invitation is to convince him to get the consumer lost around the world.
As a result, the topic of the journey is central in the operation and creates a perfect synergy with the product and the impactful claim.
The fresh-styled essential graphic, perfectly tuned both with the spirit of the target audience and the delicacy of the proposal, highlights all the promotional parts of the activation, from the packaging to the digital tools.

Concept & Activation

  • Claim

  • Key Visual

  • Visual Identity System

  • Digital Identity