Granarolo Amalattea - Packaging Restyling and Positioning

Granarolo Amalattea


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


Amalattea is a dairy product range made from goat’s milk.
The rising attention given to its products, which are increasingly emerging from a niche consumption to new dietary trends, pushed the brand to fully review the packaging visual identity system.

A survey revealed that the most relevant associations aroused by the product highlighted a polarizing strong flavour.

Another evidence inferred from analysis underlined a very solid reputation of naturalness and healthiness. This scenario led to the rearrangement of all nutritional information on pack and directed the positioning strategy towards graphic signs modernisation.
The result is a consistent increase in the nutritional facts and a strong pack’s shelf impact.


  • Analysis

  • Positioning

  • Visual Identity System

  • Packaging Copywriting