Kioene - Pack Fresco

Kioene – Pack Fresco


sector Food
market Italy/Abroad
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem

Kioene, the Italian market leader in plant- based ready meals, 
started working on brand awareness by restyling the VIS of its Fresh Recipes’ packaging.
The goals focusing on appetite appeal and modernisation of the ToV.

Many years ago, at their debut on the Italian market, products based on vegetable proteins were presented with a VIS able to communicate more a dietary reassurance than organoleptic pleasure.
Today the appetite appeal is paramount in plant-based food communication, 
and in this case, should be linked with the key discriminator of Kioene’s proposal: each recipes contain a large amount of different vegetables, and so give way to a very different taste for each different SKU.
Vegetables are the real protagonists of the brand proposal.

These products are true best sellers in the category, that’s why keeping an high recognisability between the old and the new brand identity was the most compelling challenge of this project.

The high-impact k-visual is similar to a communication campaign one: the product is placed in the middle of a sandwich the two halves of which are the vegetables that characterise each proposal.
It is an original invention and creates an absolutely ownable brand language.

The new packaging VIS was realised in coherence with the same strategic positioning and creative briefing of all the other media chosen for the brand.


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