Latte Maremma - Positioning and Communication

Latte Maremma


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Artefice People & Brand


Latte Maremma is a consortium of dairy producers operating in Maremma, a very particular area of southern Tuscany.

Around 2018, milk was becoming a critical product, due to the upcoming food trends, which tended to exclude it from a balanced diet.
Moreover, Latte Maremma was under attack by a direct competitor, rooted in the same territory. Those factors led to the decision to redefine and reinforce brand identity.
The positioning was already there, waiting to be discovered, it was in the name and in the link with the territory: Tuscan Maremma, its still wild nature, the craftsman production, the famous authentic and sharp character of the natives of this land.
The fact that it was a consortium of small local producers did the rest.
At a time where the origin of raw materials is one of the pivotal selection criteria for food, it was just a question of some little adjustment to update the historical and cultural heritage of the brand and bring it into communication, with a contemporary style.

From the positioning to an appropriate tone of voice, the key visual of the Kicking Cow and the claim “Maremma che Gusto”, It was a short step.
Brave but short. A perfect, creative, simpatico, but, above all, impactful, and extremely distinctive synthesis of everything lies on the background of the consortium in terms of story, culture, territory, and product.

The new disruptive identity had to be communicated to three different target audiences: the sales force, the local consumers, and the prospect consumers at national level.

Albeit the goals were broader, firstly, the focus was on the local market in order to fight the main competitor.
ATL geolocalised press and TV campaigns were used to push the brand.

In addition the plan involved product placement, in-store operations in the mass distribution chains, daily management of FB and IG accounts, integrated with an influencer marketing strategy, sponsorship of food and wine fair trades and of the PalaMaremma the fair building of the region.

MAD-E Packaging Ecosystem and Espoworkr are taking part in Latte Maremma project as well.


Strategy & Communication

  • Market Analysis

  • Brand Positioning Strategy

  • Key visual

  • Copywriting

  • Brand identity

  • social media strategy

  • influencer marketing

  • TV & Print Campaign