Loacker - Data Analysis



sector food
market Italia
unit Artefice People & Brand


Loacker, the famous Southern Tyrol confectionery brand, has carried out for several years a series of promotional activities which cover the four seasons involving Summer, Back to School, Halloween and the Week of Goodness.

Artefice People & Brand in cooperation with Winning is in charge of the management and the communication of all these promotional activities since their very beginning.

Between 2018 and 2019, Loacker needed to receive an analytic survey of the general data related to the success of the contests in order to obtain useful information for the realisation of future activities in this area.

Thus, in addition to the analytics reports of websites access-data at the contests, which has always been carried out by Artefice People & Brand, systematic observation of descriptive analysis was set up as well.
This observation encompassed all four operations, it started in mid-2018 and it is intended to last over several years for comparing the recurrent results over a consistent span of time to give way to the articulation of the conclusions that can be used for planning strategies.

So far the outcome is an important piece of analytic evidence: the total and the fractional number of the participants in the various contests, the geographic areas where promotions were successful at most, and also the retail chains that gather the largest number of participants among their customers.

Data Analysis