Loriana La Piadina - Packaging and VIS

Loriana La Piadina


sector food
market Italy
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


Since 1943, Loriana is LA PIADINA: the original Romagna recipe made with local wheat flour and love. The claim says: “We do only one thing but we do it well”.
Piadina Loriana needed a new visual identity system and a new pack design able to celebrate its values of simplicity, uniqueness and tradition,.

The first step of the process  was synthetizing all of this identity in the design of a Logo and an iconic and recognisable visual identity system: red, like Romagna passion and tradition, with a nostalgic and traditional typeface able to remember the look of the summer Riviera kiosks.
A window on pack shows different SKUs – Riminese, with Legume Flour, Sottilissima and Sfogliatissima – combined with different yummi fillings for each Piadina recipe.
To underline the difference between Loriana and common Piadine,
there is also a new SKU: La Piadina.
The first piadina proposed already in fold in a new original and sustainable packaging.
Original because it’s a totally new idea, offering new chances of shelf display. Sustainable because the folding of the Piadina reduces its dimension and the necessary use of plastic by over 50%.

Visual Identity System

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