Lovable - Window-shops materials



ector: underwear
market: Italy
business unit: Espoworkr Retail & Exhibit Factory


On the occasion of the launch of the new ATL campaign “Scopri il Meglio di te” Lovable had to set up the shop windows of several points of sales throughout Italy, in order to convey the message in a flexible way by adapting it to the different display areas.

The data and the characteristic of any single window shop were collected through a questionnaire. The analysis allowed clustering the points of sales, according to their physical characteristics and display areas.

The converting product display system, designed to provide high modularity, allows the optimization of the advertising message, in compliance with the exhibition spaces, adapting it to a system of supports that enhance the visual impact.
The design and production of the logistics complete the project through the assembly instructions and distribution of the materials to all the points of sales.

Store-window materials