Menne - Visual Identity System



sector food
market Italia
business unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


Menne, a Tuscan ice-cream company founded in 1927, needed a light restyling of its logotype and packagings for two new products.

BUSSOLINO is the historic product of Menne’s gelateria: a 500g format metal can, a celebrative high added value pack.
There was the need to create a lighter package for everyday consumption, with lower environmental and economic impact.
Thus, the proposal was a large-format paper cup, containing the same ice-cream amount and decorated with Country Festival images.

The second new reference was HONEY, an ice-cream made by using uniquely honey as a sweetener.

In this case, the communication had to highlight the absolute naturalness of the product, its special and “old-fashioned” recipe.
Consequently, a vintage-oriented language was chosen for this product visual identity system: old school typography and muffled colours interpret this old-good-times naturalness.
The visual identity system has been developed for all cup flavour combinations and also for the ice-cream between two layers of biscuits version.

Visual identity system

  • packaging

  • logotype restyling

  • catalogue

  • metal sheet