Palacrociere - Visual Identity System



settore leisure
mercato Italia – estero
unit Espoworkr Retail and Exhibit Factory


Costa Crociere had to customise the terminal of the Savona Harbour, turning it into the door of its cruises. But that had to happen without the signature of the cruise company logotype.

The project turns the terminal into a moment of ambient communication, the anticipation of the cruising experience. Thanks to the wide use of the Costa Wave, the shipping company reinforces its presence without needing the logo.

This extensive declination develops Costa Crociere Visual Identity System in a vast, urban and architectural dimension, a test demonstrating the consistency and the coherence of the semiotic system created for the brand.

Ambient Restyling

  • Architectural Adaptation of the Visual Identity System

  • Customisation of the building facade

  • Icon System For External And Internal Signage

  • welcome desk

  • Set-Up of Travelers Reception Areas With Different Sales Corners