Pema - Packaging Restyling and Website



sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


PEMA is a pillar in the European organic food market, a brand exporting its product from Bavaria which has achieved a huge reputation for its competence.
Since the second post-war period, PEMA has been implementing a range of high-quality bakery products, mostly rye-based and km0.
PEMA needed to renew its entire product line packaging, in order to refresh it and highlight the different ingredients of the product range.

The organisation and the clarity of nutritional information conveyed by the pack of the entire range, the search for a message hierarchy and a more empathic communication approach were the drivers of this project.

The visual impact was increased by introducing colour backgrounds, which immediately define the SKUs different typologies: the white colour for the classic rye, colour plus colour for special or organic flours, colour plus white for the dietetic proposal such as the protein or gluten-free bread.

The replacement of the typeface modernised the visual identity system of the range and the revision of the message hierarchy favours the reading of the specific qualities of any single SKU.
Photographic images suggest different recipes to increase appetite appeal, and logotype has been moved to avoid overlapping with the products images.


PEMA’s website, which included the store locator, was renewed consistently with the graphics and rationalisation of the messages developed on the pack.

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