Polli Linea Me-Li-Mangio - Visual Identity System

Polli Linea Me-Li-Mangio


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Artefice People & Brand


Polli, a historic brand of deli recipes based on olives, pickled vegetables, sweet and sour and rice salad dressings, needed to review the visual identity system of all the products in order to reorganize the product range and to launch a new product range named ME-LI-MANGIO dedicated to the moment of “aperitivo”.

The encounter between tradition and innovation was the main concept for the communication strategy.

To review the visual identity system of all the lines, the jar transparency was leveraged to ensure the visibility of the ingredient and show their quality. Likewise, the triangular-shaped label became also transparent.
The ranking of the information on the triangular label puts the Polli logotype on the top, the illustration of the ingredients follows and at last, there are line name and the tips for consumption.

On the lid, the vintage graphic chosen for the logo tunes it to the contemporary trends and makes it striking.

The visual identity system has been declined on all 11 SKUs in different formats.
Moreover were developed all displayers and PoS materials.

Visual Identity System

  • Packaging design

  • PoS materials