Rossana Crema Spalmabile - Visual Identity System e Packaging

Rossana Crema Spalmabile


sector: food
market: Italy
business unit: Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


From Rossana a brand new product: the creamy heart of the famous Red Candy becomes a spreadable cream with an unmistakable taste.

The brand Rossana has been working with ArteficeGroup since the time it renewed its visual identity system, under the circumstances of the brand acquisition by Fida, leader of the Italian candy market.

Hence, the development of the visual identity system of this new SKU was the natural step of an adaptation that stretches the product line in a creative and brave direction, while keeping all its identity pillars.

The project was carried out in compliance with the graphic format and colours of the original VIS. Albeit the Crème Rossana is a surprising product for a brand that has always and uniquely identified with a single, mythical candy, it is immediately linked to the special taste of its creamy heart well known by the Rossana lovers.

Visual Identity System

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