San Pellegrino - Promotion

San Pellegrino


sector food & beverage
market Italy
unit Artefice People & Brand


A gourmet target audience, an invitation to discover authentic flavours through new and international gastronomic itineraries, a mineral water that over decades has built an identity made of taste and quality comparable to the one of good wine, an online platform to share this ideal food pairing operation, between organoleptic experiences and the world-famous Italian water with its elegant perlage.
And the packaging, with its promotional insert, the label and the six-bottle pack as communication channels.
All of this is the foreword for an operation, prestigious like the brand that signs it.
Indeed, Sanpellegrino is a mineral water for a Michelin-star restaurant.

The visual identity system created for this operation integrates the logo in a Rose of the Winds composed of four circles which represent four dishes. Inside of it, colours, tone of voice and original brand VIS are perfectly respected.
Indeed, the main characteristic of this graphic design precisely consisted in its delicate development around the brand, generating an absolutely proprietary and recognisable Sanpellegrino’s sign.
Typography blends with the one the brand and the minimal decor add a small touch of storytelling that moves from a symbolic ingredient to a little fork to illustrate a journey which represents, above all, a sensorial itinerary.

On pack promo

  • Label VIS

  • Six Pack VIS