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Scarabeo Piaggio


sector automotive
market Italia
unit Artefice People & Brand


In 2020, who is between 14 and 25 years old is a post-millennial.
For these kids, there is no conflict between online and physical life, since they were born in a world wherein these two aspects were already integrated. It goes without saying that for this generation scooter is no longer the only way to reach out to friends, now they can do it from the sofa thanks to WhatsApp.

Nevertheless, the scooter represents an important element to mark their own independence, because you don’t go to the gym or to the brewery through social networks. And sometimes, it is not bad to see boyfriend and girlfriend beyond chatting with them on social media.

Thus, here it is a campaign concept which assimilates the scooter to the most popular element of socialisation for this generation: online messaging.
However, a generation that continues to use moped as the first stage of an independent mobility path.

The various declinations provide the space for the communication of local dealers.

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