Shell - Promotions



sector energy
market Italy
unit Artefice People & Brand


Shell activated this promotion when decided to withdraw from the distribution of fuels in Italy and focus the attention on the lubricants.
Two were the target of the operation: owners of auto-repair shops and the consumers of lubricating oils, therefore, two targets notably masculine.

Thus, SHELLFIE & WIN was born.
A concept entirely designed by Artefice, which draws inspiration by the famous pairing women and engines.
A pick-up, with a huge mock-up of lubricant oil on its platform, driven by beautiful girls who travelled around Italy in search of potential participants to the contest.
The mechanic of the promo was really simple: people just had to take a selfie with girls and a box of Shell lubricant.

The draw of the prizes was really amazing:
The shop-owners could win the complete restyling of their workshops, while the driver could hope to find themselves attending the Monza Formula One Grand Prix.
Needless to say, the operation was a real success.

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