Sofficini 45th Anniversary

Sofficini 45th Anniversary


sector food
market Italy
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem


Born in 1975, Sofficini, the famous pancakes with the golden crisp breadcrumb-coated crust and deliciuos savoury fillings, are 45 years old and celebrate the event with three operations based upon a unique concept: Sofficini Generation, which does not sign but inspires the communication through the idea that Sofficini is something that hands down from mother to son, for generations.
Too good to change.

The first activity consists of a series of videos, online on digital media, featuring Carletto, the hilarious character-chameleon, brand testimonial for decades, who traces the various seasons of Sofficini through his album of memories, embodying the style of each decade through clothes and music.

The second activitie is a consumer promo: entering the product code on a minisite you can win 4000 fantastic Carletto plushies, with the possibility to choose Carletto of the favourite time: the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and 00s (by taking part in the promo several times, you can try to win different Carlettos and try to collect all of them).
And finally, a list on Spotify composed with the most famous musical pieces of the four decades, always and obviously, selected by Carletto.

All these operations had one need in common: the creation of a key-visual to celebrate the 45th birthday.
The design of this artwork had to work cross-channel by signing all activities, from videos to packaging.
It had to have its own communication strength and integrate with the brand identity at the same time.
And somehow, it had to convey the story of Carletto who crosses decades.
The result is a deliberately vintage graphic is born.
The coloured stripes simulate trails of stars from which a photo shooted Carletto, emerge, just like a star surrounded by illustrations of cult objects of the various decades.
The claim “45 years of taste” completes the visual.
It was then a matter of revising the packaging and inserting the key visual, alongside with the communication of the contest that had Carletto collectible plushies as prizes.

The result is effective, full of joy and taste: 45 years are undoubtedly and properly celebrated. The promotion stands out from one of the coloured band that are part of the key visual and the appetite appeal of the tomato and mozzarella filling makes you want to party at Sofficini. Immediately.