Tonazzo - Grigliamo, scelti per me, cotti per me

Tonazzo – Grigliamo, scelti per me, cotti per me


sector food
market Italy
unit Mad-e Packaging Ecosystem

Since the end of the 19th century, Tonazzo Butchery stands for high quality meat.
For a long time the company has been supplying both large-scale distributions and restaurants with its products. Recently Tonazzo decided to launch three own branded lines of products: ready meals, slightly flavoured chosen lean cuts and special cuts for the grill with the ideal marbling for perfect BBQ results.

The first step of the project involved the restyling of the logotype by the enhancement of the founding date to underline the tradition of the company and declare decades of expertise: a way to say that the branded product lines are new but the company is not a newcomer.

The colour palette was revised by darkening the red colour to get a more foody and natural feeling, the typography has been reworked in a way to keep the codes of an historical shops sign.

The following step was the naming of the three product lines: Grigliamo (Let’s grill), Scelti per Me (Chosen for Me) e Cotti per Me (Cooked for Me).
The three packaging lines were developed with strong mutual synergy.

A window of transparency was considered essential because meat is a product that request to be seen to be chosen, in addition the VIS develops also a photographic part presenting a suggestion of use.

Beside their name, the three lines are differenciated by the colour code:
black for the grill, green for the slightly flavoured lean cuts, and violet for ready-to-eat dishes.

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