Virbac Effitix - ATL - TV Commercial

Virbac Effitix


sector pet products
market Italy
business unit Artefice People & Brand


Preventing infections caused by parasites that can be devastating for our pets is a question of love and responsibility. And it is also a gesture that frees us from the anxiety that something could compromise the health and life of these special members of the family.

This is the message Virbac, an important European veterinary pharmaceutical company, wants to communicate for Effitix, its flagship product for dogs protection.

The commercial represents a dog as a fragile composition of balloons which could suddenly explode because of a mosquito’s puncture and depicts the action of the product as a protective shield.

The media plan for the video, online on the web and on-air on the RAI networks, happens along with the starting of the warm weather since this is the time of the year in which the topic of prevention from parasites becomes more intensive.


  • National tv Spot

  • web advertising