Independent marketing communication agency

Artefice was born in 1996, as an INDEPENDENT communication and marketing agency,
with very specialized skills in design, seen as the DESIGN OF IDEAS FOR
It has always paid extraordinary attention to SUSTAINABILITY, both of internal business
practices and of the final results of its WORK.
Its VISION of brand communication has always relied upon the analysis of the on-going transformation of society and languages.

Still independent today, Artefice has become ArteficeGroup:
Three synergic companies, operating in the Italian market, integrating within the same corporate culture 80 professionals from different areas of expertise in communication.

A corporate structure designed to meet the demand of a changing market as well as a changing society, and to take up the challenges of new communication and brands scenarios.

Le Business Unit

Tre società sinergiche, attive sul mercato.

Business Units

Three synergic companies active on the market.

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